Mindful of the environmental footprint

As owners of Bed and Bark, Andrew and I, are always mindful of the environmental footprint of our holiday cottage. For this reason:

  • All the used Nespresso coffee capsules are returned to Nespresso for recycling.
  • We use premium, bamboo toilet paper, tissues and kitchen towels from Who Gives a Crap (whogivesacrap.org). Their products are made without trees, not packed in plastic, use no inks, dyes or scents and in addition, 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets for those in need.
  • All toiletries are in refillable containers, reducing our plastic waste.
  • When cleaning our windows, doors and mirrors we make up a vinegar-based cleaner, no harsh chemicals or plastic bottles involved .
  • We provide poo bags from BioGone (www.biogone.com.au) which are fully biodegradable when placed into landfills or composts and packaged in recycled cardboard.
  • We provide a compost container for all green waste which goes into our compost bins and not to the landfill.
  • All garden prunings are turned to mulch and reused in the garden.
  • During our renovation all lights were replaced with green LED globes which use far less energy than ordinary globes and last for longer than 25 years.

And in our latest step to sustainability, Bed and Bark has left the grid, installing solar panels and a battery. Luckily, our roof top is perfectly situated facing due North to capture all the sun’s rays. So we’re now exporting power to the grid. If there is ever a power outage, our battery will swing into action and guests won’t even know there is a power outage. We’re so happy that we are powering Bed and Bark with 100% solar power, and exporting surplus power to other users through the grid.